Monday, July 25, 2011

Our imaginary boutique

If Billie and I would start a boutique right now, here's the brand we would sell in it:

I've talked to you about my love for Bobo Chose in another post. The love is still there and wish so bad I could simply go to the corner kids clothing store to buy their fun collections. 

I finally bought Billie's first piece from this amazing danish brand! I think it would be the perfect collection for the small fashionistas that would shop in our store. Can't wait to receive those leggings. I see tones of amazing fall outfits with them!

I bought a lot of Mini Rodini's clothes online and at their actual store in Stockholm. This swedish brand offer good quality and very comfortable clothes. They are about small details that make every pieces so unique. 

If I would start my own kids clothing brand, I would like it to be Atsuyo et Akiko. Seriously, the marketing, the visual and all their products is just so appealing to me. I wish I owned everything they sell and that I could take beautiful photos like theirs. Everything around it is soft, peaceful, cute but still fun and edgy. What a beautiful brand to sell in our boutique.

I've told you about these amazing black leather boots Billie have from KABOOGIE. I love them and they are so useful and not that expensive. I am thinking of ordering a new pair as the other ones are getting too small for her. They were so easy to mix match with everything!

What else can I say about the Swedish Hasbens except that I love them. They are still my favorites even after all these years. They have this little something that makes you want to own a pair. No? Fun with socks for Fall, pretty with nail polish for Summer. I can't wait for Billie to be old enough to own a pair.

I hate Crocs shoes. Never liked them, never will. But, Billie's new day care is asking her to wear something like them so I got the brilliant idea to order her some NATIVE shoes. First of all, this is a canadian brand (yahooo!!) and second, they give any outfit a very cool look (see below). So, for a very practical reason, Billie and I would sell this brand but also because we love them! 


I recently ordered these gold baby moccasin for Billie. I think they would fit perfectly with every outfit. They are handmade, comfortable, unisex and available in different colors. I think shoes are one of the most important item in an outfit. They have to be fresh, clean and fun. We would for sure be successful with these shoes in our boutique!

As for the decor, don't get me started! I have tones of ideas of how this boutique would look like! But this I keep as a secret, who knows, it may happens some day!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I've been looking for a bracelet for Billie since a while. I found what I wanted at H&M yesterday!

The package comes with 3 brown simple bracelets. Perfect because I have the feeling she may loose them! It's delicate, simple but still so cute in her small wrist.

At first, she was bitting on it but she rapidly forgot about it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last good bye

Last weekend we sadly had to say good bye to some swedish friends who were going back home. They had been living in Montreal for a year now. Lina came here to study at Mcgill University and Emil was on paternity leave, taking care of their youngest one, Elvis.

We are so sad they had to go. Elvis and Kevin, their two boys, were so nice with Billie. We were also so happy that she had friends to practice her swedish with. Hope we will have the chance to see them again when we go to Sweden. Lina and Emil are a very nice couple and we had so much fun with them. We wish them the best back home!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Soft Gallery- leggings

I just ordered these oh so beautiful leggings for Billie on NORDIC KIDS.

They are from a danish brand called SOFT GALLERY. I wish so bad that I could buy their collections here in Montreal. They do adults and kids clothing and always edgy and fun collections.

Here's some photos of my favorites items from their Fall 2011 lookbook:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We also ♥ music- James Blake

Recently, Billie and I discovered JAMES BLAKE and fell in love with his song UNLUCK. Everytime it plays at home, Billie starts dancing (she head bang when she dances, very funny and cute). 

This video isnt the best but please focus on the song! It also cut at the end and change to another song but Unluck is the first one.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

We ♥ Instagram

Pretty much everyone who has an Iphone or Ipad knows about the application INSTAGRAM. I love INSTAGRAM. I like how we interact with people from around the world by only sharing photos. Again, I love photography so this medium is a good way for me to connect with others. 

I also like how you can follow someone's trip around the world. It makes you see some parts of this planet you never saw before. Are you on INSTAGRAM? If so, follow me, my name on it amethellen!

Sandrine Castellan

I love photography. I think people who devoted their life and career to it are lucky. Taking photos is such a fun creative experience and the mirror of our eyes. 

I have a big admiration for photographs who get their art printed in magazines. It must be such a big satisfaction to see your work in one of those printed beauty.

I meet tones of interesting people at my store. The list is long and I feel so fortunate to count them as my customers. One of them is SANDRINE CASTELLAN. Sandrine is a very talented photograph that share her time between New York, Paris and Montreal. She is a beauty herself and, because she is my customer, I know she has an amazing sense of style that you can also feel in her photos. 

She recenlty did some photos in New York for the australian magazine PAPIER MACHE, where she worked with the stylist Katelyn Mooney and the artist, Ann Wood. I can say that PAPIER MACHE is one of my favorite magazine devoted to kids. Founded only 2 years ago as an online magazine, PAPIER MACHE. has grown rapidly in popularity and is now read by over 200 000 readers worldwide and has a bi annual print publication. The magazine showcase artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, writers, inventors, creators, kids, dreamers, doers and magicians. It's produced by The Convenience Store in Sydney, helped by an assortment of stylists, photographers and writers. 

I don't have access to her recent work with PAPIER MACHE because the magazine isn't out yet but here's some of my favorite shots SANDRINE CASTELLAN did with  kids in the past:

I love the esthetic of her photos, the colors and how she captures the best of the clothes and these kids. Good work Sandrine! Can't wait to see more in the upcoming PAPIER MACHE.