Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We also ♥ music- Bon Iver

Billie and I love relaxing while listenning to this new BON IVER song- Calgary. It's nice and peaceful. 

It's been very stressful in the last few days with work and life in general. We need that kind of melody to change our mind...

Monday, May 30, 2011

New leggings- TAMÉ

Again, TAMÉ made new beautiful baby leggings. I couldn't resist these new colors and fabrics and took one of each for Billie.

Leggings are so fun and easy to match with everything. Billie is tall and skinny so pants usually look way too baggy on her. I love mixing prints or colors these days. It gives her a very unique style!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy busy busy

It's been very hard this week to keep going on with the blog. I've been very busy with deadlines at work, employees on vacation and Billie has been more active than ever. I'm not so qualified to take baby pictures and it got very hard lately to catch good shot of my little model. 

She walks so fast, fall all the time and never stay still. It's beautiful to see her evolve and grow. She is now a little person with her own personality and charaters.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ETSY FINDS- 1st birthday invitation

So, to keep going with the 1st birthday party theme for my ETSY finds, I'll now present you some nice 1st birthday invitation.

This first one, created by Gracie Girl Notes, is nice because it's made out of recycled kraft paper. I like the simplicity of it as well. Cute, simple and direct.

This second one has a fun retro style. Created by Flipawoo you can choose different colors. 

I love this third one created by Ink Obsession Designs. The colors, the little lion and the fact that you can print it yourself. 

This one, created by KM Thomas Designs, is just dreamy. Well, you need to have the perfect black and white photo to go with it, otherwise, I'm scared the effect won't be the same. 

This last one, created by Itsy Belle, is simply cute and funny! Very different, unique and perfect for your little boy. Again, a fun retro look.

When is your little one turning one?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We also ♥ music- Lykke Li

This music post is inspired by the fun saturday night we had, Jonas and I, at Lykke Li's show here in Montreal. It was fun to go out with my husband and feel like teenagers again! I even bought myself a tour t-shirt- a real groupie!

It was my second time seeing her performing and again, she blew my mind. The last time was the best time though... It was maybe 5 years ago in a mini tiny venue. It was almost empty but so much fun! She rocked that place and we danced the whole show. This time was very crowded in this enormous venue. Not the same feeling but still lots of fun! Thanks to my amazing husband for the tickets and the fun evening!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Awwww, what a nice weekend we had. Brunch with friends, Lykke Li's show (yes, Jonas and I had a date!), we enjoyed dinners on terraces, the sun was out and it was warm outside. I also took time to go for a long promenade, alone with Billie. We haven't done that since a long time and I felt this time was different. Billie was discovering a lot and looking everywhere.

We stopped at the park. She was laughing so much in the swing. She totally loved it.

We also, smell different flowers and picked some lilac to papa. It was just nice to walk with no real intention except being outside. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

DIY- splatter paint onesie

Oh yes! I had so much fun doing that DIY project that I thought I'll share it with you. I recently spotted on THE JUNIOR, my favorite baby blog, this very cute onesie. I love doing arts & crafts and thought, why not trying to make one by myself for Billie.

What you need:

- White Onesie (or go crazy with the color you want)
- Paintbrush
- Acrylic paint ( I chose pink neon)

How to do it:

1. Mix your acrylic paint with a little bit of water. It will be easier to spread the paint with the brush if you do so.

2. Go outside (believe me, it goes everywhere) and put your onesie on a plastic bag or old piece of carton.

3. Splatter your paint on the onesie with the brush. Go gently...

4. Repeat on the other side of the onesie.

5. Let it dry 24 hours

6. Wash with cold water in the washing machine.

7. Dry and iron with a piece of fabric placed over your onesie.

8. It's now ready to wear!

The result isnt exactly like the one I saw in the photos but it has it's own flavor and I like it. I guess if you try with different sizes of paint brushes, the splatter size will also change. Let me know if you do it and please, share with me the final result! 

Saturday morning brunch- At Judy, Mike & Hale's place

This saturday, we got the chance to go and meet, for the first, baby Hale. Hale was born at the beginning of April and she is just the cutest little thing. Still so small and so much to learn from this world. Billie was actually looking like a big girl next to her. 

Mike & Judy's place is beautiful. Modern with nice vintage classic pieces of furniture- very much in our taste.

Billie got very well along with their dog Branson. Billie is suprisingly always so confortable around dogs, even big dogs. I'm glad she isn't scared of them. I was when I was a little girl...

The brunch was delicious. Mike cook for us some raisin french toasts with a delicious fruits salad and some chocolatines (Jonas favorite thing since he moved to Canada). Thanks for the good time Mike, Judy & Hale! 

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Summer is getting closer when dandelions are out. Yesterday we had a good feel of this summer... we got blessed with sun, blue sky and warm weather. It felt nice to walk with sandals and no jacket. I brought Billie to the park to see those yellow flowers that people love & hate at the same time. 

She was very unsure of what were those small yellow flowers and why the grass was tickling her toes.

We were first going to the park to blow bubbles but for some reason I didnt managed to take away the foil part that seal the bottle. I'll try to go again today. Can't wait to see her face when she sees these flying bubbles.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Making music with papa

For the first time since she was born, Billie got curious and interested in Jonas music. He decided to take out his keyboard and let her experiment on it. It was very cute looking at her trying to play and listen to all the weird sounds that was coming out from the computer when she was playing.

Of course, the keyboard ended up in her mouth... a real explorer! Billie loves music. She claps or dance when she hears beats she likes. I guess it's in her genes. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

SMALLABLE wishlist- Travelling accessories

We are soon leaving for CORSICA. We love travelling and planning to do so at least twice a year every year. 

SMALLABLE as a section called "Travel Accessories." I decided to browse on it and let you know Billie's and I favorites items.

The first one is the APRIL SHOWER Grey Owls White Vanity Case. It's not because Billie is only 11 months that she doesn't need one of these. She has her own shampoo & soap, her little brush and much more to carry in it. I actually think that it's very useful. I like the look of this one. Very simple and cute with the little stars.

The second thing we fell in love with is a bottle made by the Japanese illustrator and artist Shinzi Katoh. How cute is the illustration on it? Plus, I think a reusable bottle is always very handy when you're out visiting for long hours.

The last thing Billie and I couldn't resist is this suitcase made by LALÉ. It has a fun retro look and the best thing about it is that you can fold it to save space.

Are you planning to go away soon? If so, where? I'm curious to discover new destinations!