Saturday, May 14, 2011


I don't know what is happening to me but I just feel like shopping for Billie these days. I don't need anything for myself so I guess she's is the lucky one in this family to get spoiled when I get those shopping spree. 

I thought I'll share with you my latest finds and stuff I'm dreaming of buying for Billie.

These leggings are so nice! Soft Gallery collection is always one of my favorites. They also offer a collection for adults.
(spotted on BABYBABABU)

I love love this dress/tunic. I would wear it myself! I see it with nice leggings and cool leather boots this fall. 
(spotted on KIDO)

This jacket is so dreamy! I looks like a leather jacket but can't understand danish :( It's from MINI NÜMPH
(spotted on PIPSQUEAK)

Little remix always offer super original clothes for kids. This dress is just so beautiful The fabric is very unique. 
(spotted on PIPSQUEAK)

They are mostly fall/winter pieces but it's a wishlist. I'll go back to it in August when it's time to shop for her winter clothes!

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