Friday, May 6, 2011

Billie and food

Since Billie started eating food, at the age of 5 months, she has been very picky and complicated about it. Jonas and I love food and all kind. We like to try new things and varies our meals. Before I got pregnant, when I was talking about my future kids, I used to say that they would never be picky like some other kids I know. They would eat and try everything because I'll teach them. Well, life is teaching me something here because my daughter is very picky and she is only 10 months old!

Maybe she is just very young but most of my friends babies love trying food and can't wait to eat on their own. Billie got stucked at eating cereals and mash food. As soon as we offer her pieces, she doesn't like it. She can't swallow them. It usually makes her feel sick. If  we try putting some on the table for her, well, she plays with them and have no interest to put the little pieces in her mouth. We still try everyday and yes, some days are better than others. 

Billie loves eating eggs, fruits (mashed), cube of small cream cheese and corn cereals. It's not all we give her to eat! Don't worry but we have to have one of these on the menu to make sure she gets her belly full.

This is a very stressful situation for all the family. Imagine the feeling of having a hard time feeding your baby. Jonas and I get discourage sometimes. I'm also scared Billie will think eating is not fun. My mom is telling not to worry. Apparently I was the same as a baby and I am not picky at all for food. So that makes me feel better. People gives us tricks, we try them but nothing as been successful so far. 

How's meal time for you at home?

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