Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ETSY FINDS- the Anecdotes

Billie and I feel a bit better... It has been 3 horrible days. It's hard to take care of a sick little one when you are sick yourself... Billie ended up with an ear infection. Now she is much better. She got antibiotics :( and we are back to our normal routine... dreaming of the weekend to relax a little bit. 

This week ETSY FINDS is from a store called THE ANECDOTES. I don't remember at all how I found this store but all I know is that it has been in my favorites since a long time and I haven't purchase anything yet from them. I can never take a decision on which sweater I want to buy for Billie. They are all so beautiful! 

I love the big buttons in these last two sweater. Nice detail that we don't see so often on babies clothes.

How cute are these side buttons on this sweater? Amazing idea. Fun detail. 

What I like about their products is that they have simple lines with fun accents. Each pieces are unique and handmade. Some people have talent! Wish I could knit. I'm not patient enough to knit more than a scarf...

So, which one should I get for Billie?!?


  1. I think I like the second one! Off white :-)

  2. I agree, the Off white is nice and it would like good on Billie! thanks!