Thursday, May 5, 2011

Doing things on her own

Billie is 10 months going on 11 in less than 2 weeks. She now enjoy more than anything doing things on her own. It started when she realised she could walk. Since then, she has been Billie the explorer. She fell and got hurt few times but still get up and try again. She is working hard so one day she could be independant.

It's very cute to see her going. I love just taking time to observe her and let her go her own way.

Yesterday was an important day for her as she started leaving the walls or chairs she was holding on to walk on her own. It made me realized how time is flying with a baby in the house. I feel that she was just born. She used to be so small, calm and dependant of us. 

It's beautiful to see her evolve but a bit sad to put these precious moments in the past already. I wish I could pause time right now and enjoy to the fullest everything that is happening in her life.  

I'm so happy and feel so privilege that life put her on my path. I'm proud to be her mother and hope more than anything in the world that we will keep a special connection for the rest of our lives. 

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