Thursday, March 31, 2011

A day at maman's work

Today was a special day. Billie spent the afternoon with me at UNICORN. Up until she was 6 months, Billie spent all her days here with me. At first it was magical but then she grew and got more curious and it got very hard for me and very boring for her. So we then started putting her at a part-time day care. She now spend mornings there and her papa picks her up in the afternoon for some precious quality time together. This amazing routine will soon end as papa has to get back to a normal work schedule... We are working hard right now to find a full time day care here in Montreal (not as easy at it may seems) or a miracle solution.

So today made me a bit nostalgic of those first months I spent at work with my little one. I'll never forget this special experience. I can assure you that it was fun but VERY hard... I would not suggest it to everyone! 

Anyway, here's some photos of Billie's fun day at maman's work:

Happy girl

Billie is my happy angel. 

Since she is in our life, whenever we get home angry or tired from work, we just have to look at this cute little face with her big smile and all the stress is gone. Babies are for sure a good therapy. Depress people should hang out with babies, it would take away the dark thoughts... But seriously, our life can't be bad anymore, we have this special little girl sharing it with us and she is the most amazing person I know. 


Yes it is 3:45am...

Billie decided and seems convinced that she is done sleeping... sadly I wasn't.

I can't really complain though, I think, in 9 months, it is the first time that I really have to wake up and do something else then trying to make her fall asleep at this early time. She usually wakes up but fall asleep right away after 2-3 minutes.

Now for some reason it is different. She is WIDE awake!

Better accept it so I decided to open the tv and watch HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE with Marilyn Monroe. 

I have something for old movies.

The happy music, the elegance of the women, the handsome gentlemen, the fashion of course, the singing, the image quality, etc

And Billie loves the opening with the orchestra. We already watched it twice!

I think she'll be a romantic like her maman :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ETSY FINDS- Girl / Boy Head Pillows

I browse on ETSY a lot, especially for babies stuff. It's such an inspiring website. All these very talented people selling their beautiful arts & crafts. ETSY is for me a giant flea market connecting people from all over the world.

I thought that over the weeks I could share with you some of Billie & I favorites ETSY finds. 

Let's start first with these cute Girl / Boy Head Pillows (22$USD) from VINTAGE JANE:

These adorable pillows would be perfect in a children's bedroom but also very fun on your classic leather couch. They are silk screened on the front and backed with a vintage fabric.

I didnt buy one yet. I can't decide which little face I would pick. Which one is your favorite?

Mini Nümph

One of my favorite brand at my store these days is NÜMPH.

I just discovered that they also have a children clothing line called MINI NÜMPH.

So happy about this except that there's no where we can find it here in Montreal...

NÜMPH always offers beautiful pattern fabrics, fun design and mostly amazingly comfortable casual wear. I'm glad they went in the same direction for kids.

The sizes starts at 2 so I think I have to wait a little before Billie can actually wear some of their beautiful pieces.

Jason Lee- Creative kids photography

I love photos.

I'm not an expert in the field but I just enjoy other people's talent.

I recently came across Jason Lee, a wedding photographer.

What captured my eyes wasn't actually his talent for wedding photos but the beautiful project he did with his daughter.

Here's some of them:

How cute? Seriously!

I like the light and colors in these photos. It makes his daughter looks like a little angel when in fact the scene shows a little devil!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I want it for me!

Ok, so maybe that could be a very good gift idea for Billie's 1st birthday but inside of me, I'm dreaming of owning this drawing book illustrated by Nina Chakrabarti

My wonderful world of Fashion is an interactive colouring book for fashionistas. The book encourages creativity, with illustrations to colour in and designs to finish off, as well as simple ideas for making and doing. Covering clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery and others, the illustrations expose both vintage fashions and contemporary invented designs from the illustrator's own imagination. It also features brief historical notes to encourage children to be inspired by history and by the fashion of other cultures.

Here's few illustrations featured  in the book:

How amazing this book sound? I think it has been made for all ages and I deeply wish Billie and I will get one to share. Drawing with my daughter... a dream! Can't wait!

Billie's room

After talking about one of my dream baby's room, I had the idea to actually let you visit Billie's room.

It's very simple. We like small details and nothing too over the top. Its a place to sleep and relax so it has to be peaceful in there. Also, we are renting this appartment so we didn't feel like spending too much on her room.

You can recognize the Swedish Alphabets frame from IKEA as well as the Moose back riding.

The rocking chair was the one my mom rocked me in when I was a baby... Every time I sit in it to put Billie to bed, I imagine my mom doing the same with me. This was the good old days! :)

We bought these wood vintage wall hooks from ETSY. Love the retro look they bring to the room.

I was pregnant when I first saw this wooli felt caddy. It's so useful. So happy I finally bought it. I put the pacifier, blankets and toys in there. Best way to never look for them everywhere in the appartment!

We use a lot wood pallets for some decoration elements in the appartment. Here we made book shelves with them. 

To embellish this drawer we also bought at IKEA, we changed the knobs for some cute red birds. Found them on ETSY.

Dream bed room

This baby room is perfect.

I love everything about it.

It's simple, not too girly, not too boyish.

White walls, wood details, orange decoration pieces, antique rocking chair and the perfect crib and bassinet.

We also ♥ music- SUMMER CAMP

One of the reason why Billie loves music is because her papa works with it and we have music playing all the time at home. All kind many kinds.

I love this song and mostly the film clip. This teenager romance is so cute and reminds me of my  teenage year and I can't help of thinking about Billie. She, one day, will have a little romance going on as well. Hard to imagine now as she is so small! 

I love fashion

Let's hope Billie will too...
Who knows, maybe i'll bored her with it before she's even 2!?!

Well, I kinda enjoy dressing up my baby love in the morning. You can be so creative in the outfits you're making. It's always a mix of comfort and cuteness. 

I just ordered this jumpsuit (comfort & cuteness!!) for Billie from a brand called TALC. Its a French brand from Paris and I think they must have one of the best Marketing. You actually want to buy everything from them! 

As you can see on this photo, the little model is wearing the SWEDISH HASBEENS shoes. I own a boutique in Montreal called UNICORN and we sell those to adults. I think the kids version is just too adorable. Its definitely in Billie's wishlist for 2012 (she doesn't walk yet).

I think this would be the style we would go for:

I have those for my self and they are so comfortable, I can even wear them during winter with socks but they are also very cute for summer. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Please meet...

She is the love of my life. 
She is only 9 months and she knows how to make me laugh and smile.
This blog is about her, her taste and of course mine too!
We'll bring you to our favorite places and make you discover our favorite brands.
Let us know what you think!