Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love fashion

Let's hope Billie will too...
Who knows, maybe i'll bored her with it before she's even 2!?!

Well, I kinda enjoy dressing up my baby love in the morning. You can be so creative in the outfits you're making. It's always a mix of comfort and cuteness. 

I just ordered this jumpsuit (comfort & cuteness!!) for Billie from a brand called TALC. Its a French brand from Paris and I think they must have one of the best Marketing. You actually want to buy everything from them! 

As you can see on this photo, the little model is wearing the SWEDISH HASBEENS shoes. I own a boutique in Montreal called UNICORN and we sell those to adults. I think the kids version is just too adorable. Its definitely in Billie's wishlist for 2012 (she doesn't walk yet).

I think this would be the style we would go for:

I have those for my self and they are so comfortable, I can even wear them during winter with socks but they are also very cute for summer. 

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