Thursday, March 31, 2011

A day at maman's work

Today was a special day. Billie spent the afternoon with me at UNICORN. Up until she was 6 months, Billie spent all her days here with me. At first it was magical but then she grew and got more curious and it got very hard for me and very boring for her. So we then started putting her at a part-time day care. She now spend mornings there and her papa picks her up in the afternoon for some precious quality time together. This amazing routine will soon end as papa has to get back to a normal work schedule... We are working hard right now to find a full time day care here in Montreal (not as easy at it may seems) or a miracle solution.

So today made me a bit nostalgic of those first months I spent at work with my little one. I'll never forget this special experience. I can assure you that it was fun but VERY hard... I would not suggest it to everyone! 

Anyway, here's some photos of Billie's fun day at maman's work:


  1. And here comes the Swedish Model no.2! Haha! Cute cute!


  2. haha! We're training her early! xo