Monday, November 21, 2011

Photoshoot at Nick Lafontaine's studio

Billie recently played the super model for UNICORN's online shop. We did a photoshoot at NICK LAFONTAINE's studio to shoot TAMÉ's leggings. It was a very fun and suprising experience. She got so shy in front of the camera but we managed to get few good shots.

All she wanted was to run into my arms. She also kept on sticking her tongue out because she was shy! It was still very cute and she managed like a pro. Not sure she loved the photo shoot session but I'm happy she got to experiment it. I think it was also one of the first time I got to see her shy in front of people. It was just the beginning because she now acts the same when I leave her at day care. It only last 1 or 2 minutes but it cracks me up!  She is definitely more aware of herself and others now.  


  1. I am a big fan of your blog. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. :)

    I love your daughter's name and I am wondering if you would mind sharing any other ideas you had before choosing it, or if you know of any other children with unusual names. My husband & I are having difficulty finding a name for our baby.

    Thank you and enjoy your week!

  2. Hi Mariemi!

    Thanks for the nice words about Billie's name. I know it's a hard one deciding on your baby's name. We had to choose a name that would fit in French, Swedish & English. Even more tricky. But we knew since a long time, way before we even thoughts of having a baby that one day, we would have a baby girl name Billie. We still looked at other option but this first idea was always the number one on the list. Maybe to inspire you, Billie's full name is BILLIE MIA COCO. I loved all these 3 names. These days I really like Siv, Gia, Pia- short names! We also thought of Ellirose and Linnea (Jonas grandmother's name). Let me know if you have other questions! :)

  3. Your Billie is amazing. I am wondering where you got the mini-pashmina she is wearing in the shoot (as well as in the Elle photo) I absolutely love it and would love one for my little Émilie :)

  4. Hi Sarah! We actually bought this pashmina for my husband for our wedding. It's not a mini one, just a normal adult size one. I think we got it at H&M back in the days. I often put my scarves to her. If you want a smaller size one, I buy some at Zara. They have amazing cute ones.

  5. Love the idea! Thanks so much!!