Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bath Time

How is bath time with your little one? Here it's pretty easy to get Billie in the bath. She loves playing with her water toys and she could stay in there for hours. The only big problem is when it comes to wash her hair and her ears. First, she refuses to put the back of her head in the water so we have to use the most hard core way to rinse her hair- we poor water from a plastic box over her head. Of course she hates it. She gets water in her eyes plus even if I tell her I am about to do it, it always feels like the biggest suprises for her. I feel like a horrible mother doing this to her. 

Then the ears... Well, maybe this part is my fault. When she was a baby, I was always cleaning her ears. I'm obsess with clean ears. That's one of my thing. I can't help but making sure her ears are clean... Well, i'm paying now because we can't even touch her ears without her saying a big NO and pushing the towel away. Poor Billie... But I guess and hope all these things will be forgotten when she gets older. I'm also thinking of subscribing to swimming lessons with her so she would stop being scare of putting her head in the water during bath time. Any experience with that?

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  1. Avec ma nièce de 2 ans, j'ai fait un cours d'aquabambin. C'était génial ! Un moment privilégié avec elle ! En plus, elle a appris beaucoup et a pris confiance en elle dans la piscine. Je te le conseille fortement !

    Pour ce qui est du bain, je lui ai acheté un bébé qui va dans l'eau. On lave le bébé et on lave Noémi.