Monday, June 13, 2011

And we're back!!

I feel we just came back from a dream. Yes, Corisca is that beautiful. We just spent a week on a beautiful island full of history, turquoise sea, impressive high mountains, vineyards and good cheese. 

We rented a house with my husband's family. It was lots of fun to hang out with them the whole week. We cooked good food, share good bottles of wine and tasted amazing cheese together. We also visited two impressive old cities built on the rock- Bonifacio & Calvi. In Calvi, you have a perfect mix of mountains, clear turquoise sea, white sand beach and old beautiful city- dreamy!

It was a week to dream of. Billie loved spending times with her Swedish family, walking around everywhere we were letting her free and swimming in the pool with her cousins! She is a very good traveller. Always patient, sleep when she should sleep (except on the way back home!), never cry or complain. I love spending all my days with her. We get so attached. Today, monday, was so hard for both of us. The separation at daycare was harder than usual. But, thats life! If we want to travel again, we have to keep working! 

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