Monday, June 20, 2011

Billie's first birthday party

This last saturday, we invited friends and family to celebrate Billie's first birthday. We don't have a backyard at our place so we moved everyone to UNICORN's backyard. It was lots of work for us but so cosy and nice there.

We have a tradition here with the first birthday cake. It has to be chocolate and you give it all to the baby so they get a real first taste of a cake. They usually go crazy with their tiny hands in it and get all dirty but Billie is always different... She only ate the strawberries and didnt even dare to touch the chocolate cake. She managed though to get her clothes full of strawberries an dirt! It was fun to celebrate her first year with all our friends and family. She got spoiled with gift and love. Thanks to everyone who came and made this birthday a one to remember!

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