Thursday, June 16, 2011

Papa in TO

So sorry for the lack of post this week. I've been very busy with work but also organising Billie's first birthday party and taking care of my lovely daughter all by myself. Yes, Jonas was gone this week. He had to go to Toronto for work. So, Billie and I enjoyed some quality time together. 

We played and read book, went for long walk with Rubie, ate our favorite meals for dinner and cuddle all the time. We usually do all these things when papa is home but for some reason, when I'm alone with her, these activities feel new and different.

It's nice to have some "alone time" with Billie. I feel time is flying and with work I dont always enjoy every moments. This week I did for sure and I'm very happy about it even though I can't wait for Jonas return tomorrow! 

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