Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ETSY FINDS- 1st birthday garland

I dont think garlands are essential for a successful 1st birthday party but I just think they are pretty to look at, a fun decoration and look amazing in photos.

I selected a few for you from ETSY that were in my favorites. There is so many, hard to choose only 4 or 5...

This first one, made by DRAGONFLIES is so delicate, simple and ecological. It is made with the pages of an old book. Another good thing about this garland is the price- only 8$!

More colorful and fun for a summer birthday, this garland made by INK SKY catched my eyes right away. I think Billie will like looking at this one. So bright!

This next one, made by JIKITS is very different- a mushroom garland. I like it because it's unisex, the colors and it's cute for an outdoor birthday party. It's also a theme that is not often use but that could be original.

This last one is for people looking for a garland saying specific words like HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Made by 5280 BLISS, I like the colors and the font used for this birthday banner. The price is also pretty good- 12,50$

Garlands are easy to do by yourself. The only thing is you need time, which I dont have. That's why I'll buy one on ETSY for Billie's birthday. I'll choose one that we can also use more than one time, maybe as a decoration for my store or other celebration.

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