Monday, December 5, 2011

Favorite website- THE GLOW

These days, I'm all about THE GLOW. This beautiful website is just so inspiring for me who is a mom that love interior design, architecture, fashion, toys and kids! THE GLOW was co-founded in January 2011 by Violet Gaynor who does the editing and the photograph Kelly Stuart.

It's a very simple blog/website. The background is white with a black font. I have something for simplicity especially when the focus is on photos. It's easier to keep your eyes on the beautiful images you are looking at.

They recently did a photoshoot with Christiane Lemieux, founder and creative director of DWELLSTUDIO. I'm in total love with her house! It's Jonas and I style for sure.

But I think one of my favorite photoshoot is with Ramya Giangola, founder of GOGOLUXE and her daughter Chiara. It's very genuine and fell for the dress that Ramya is wearing and Chiara's bedroom. It's all just so dreamy! 

Which photoshoot is your favorite?

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