Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hi! My name is Billie and I'm addicted to my Ipad.

Yes. It's true. Billie is only 17 months and we have to hide the Ipad when we are at home because that's the only thing she play with otherwise. It's a sad reality.

It all started last July. Billie was sick everytime we were driving in the car. I got the tip to make her focus on something, like a video. So we decided to get an Ipad. It worked like magic! She hasn't been sick since, unless we don't use the Ipad. But then, she loved it so much that she started playing with it at home and getting so good to go get her own application. She is so confortable on it, it looks like she was born with it! The problem is that she could be playing on it for hours! It's incredible! So we have to manage the time she spent on the Ipad and hide it when we want her to play with her real toys. She even say "Ipad" when she get hurt and cries! Maybe we spoiled her too much. Who knows? But now we deal with this perfectly. She is never or almost never on the Ipad at home. She can only use it in the car. Otherwise, when we go to the restaurant, she is allowed to have it and sometimes on weekend we let her play with our Iphone or Ipad.

Do you have the same problem with your Ipad or Iphone?


  1. We try and keep ours away from Brigitte — but she knows where we hide it. She's allowed it a couple hours a week — mainly for netflix or kiddie games. All things in moderation right? :)

  2. Thats what we do too! No choice! She usually doesnt use it so much at home now that we know her "addiction"! haha! But in the car we don't have choice. She get sick if she doesn't focus on something and this is the best solution we found. It works perfect!

  3. Je n'ai pas d'enfants à moi, mais j'en ai pratiquement toujours avec moi ! Que ce soit ma nièce ou mon neveu que je trimballe partout ou les enfants que ma mère garde (oui, c'est un peu compliqué tout ça...), mon iPhone est toujours une bouée de sauvetage ! En auto pour se rendre aux cours de skis, dans la salle d'attente de l'urgence ou tout simplement pour patienter jusqu'au souper, les enfants utilisent mon iPhone. Ils ont leur propre jeux, sont capable de prendre des photos et de faire des vidéos... Bref, ils sont "branchés" !