Saturday, April 2, 2011

All Saints

Last October Jonas, Billie and myself spend a week in NYC. Jonas was working so guess what Billie and I did?! We shopped! We'll mostly me. For some reasons, Billie thoughts that the streets of NYC were very relaxing cause she slept the whole time in her stroller. 

I found beautiful children boutiques there but I was very excited to visit ALL SAINTS, the london based chain stores. I love everything they sell there for kids. What's also fun about this boutique is that you can get  matching pieces for yourself and be twin with daughter/son. 

I bought few pieces for Billie and she still wears them a lot. They've been washed few times now and they still look beautiful. 

Here's a peak at their latest lookbook:

Don't you want to buy everything for your own self as well? I do.

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