Sunday, April 3, 2011

Movie set

Yesterday was a special day for UNICORN. We were filming our first promotional movie. So exciting! All the movie crew met at the AUBERGE DU VIEUX PORT in the old Montreal at 6ham. Quite early for most people but for me, quite the usual! Billie actually woke up before I left home. I came back to pick her up and Jonas in the afternoon because Jonas was being part of the movie. 

I think Billie enjoyed her first movie set experience:

Pirate face! Maman trying to entertain the very active Billie.

Billie watching and learning.

Maman working her magic hands on the model's hair.

Papa (the model) and the crew working on a romantic bed scene.

I can't wait to see the final result! It should be at the end of April. Hope it turns out at good as it seems it will be!


  1. Love your blog!! The content,the pictures, everything! Keep up the great work!! :-)

  2. Merci Vanessa!!! tu fais un beau voyage? le bedon va bien? À bientôt! xo