Friday, April 29, 2011

No more sleep

Since we came back from Cuba, Billie has decided to go on with a new sleeping routine. To be honest, I havent found out yet what is the new routine but all I know is that it's not the one we are used to.

I'm so sad that the bed time routine changed. It was so easy to put Billie to bed. I would first go with her in her bed room, rock her there while she was drinking a bottle of milk. Then, when the milk was finished, I would rock her a bit more and put her in bed with the pacifier and the very important, baby blanket. That was it! A charm!

Now, after drinking her bottle of milk, she almost fall asleep but as soon as I put her to bed, she suddenly wakes up and she is full of life, ready for a new day (while I'm ready for my bed, exhausted from work!). 

I took these photos last night at around 9pm. I decided to test her, to see how long she could go awake like this... Well, she could have gone all night I think. Jonas and I gave up an hour later, when I was ready to go to bed... Jonas finally managed to make her fall asleep while singing her lullabies in our bed. Maybe that is the new routine... 

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