Monday, April 4, 2011


We love swedish brands or maybe all scandinavian brands. Maybe it's because Billie's father is from Sweden but I also think they have an amazing eye and unique way of seeing fashion, especially for kids. I like how they dress their kids like they would dress their own selves. That's why we buy a lot of  Billie's clothes there. 

One of the first brand I got to know from Sweden was SHAMPOODLE. It's funny because it's a very small brand but I ended up on their online store and fell for it right away. I bought a few things from them, but what we still use and love the most is there tees. They are soft (100% viscose) and the shape is amazing. 

Here's one we got, the QUEEN TEE in LIGHT GREY. It's an extra long model with a slim fit. It is perfect with tights or leggings:

(available at SHAMPOODLE)

The other we got is not available anymore and it's sad because it was a fun fit. Short and large. Very not common for babies but it fits Billie like a glove! 

I'm pretty sure i'll buy some tees from them again. Billie still fits in the two we got so I'll wait a bit. I think I'll also spoil Billie with some of their new things...

This pink TANK SUIT is pretty awesome:
(available at SHAMPOODLE)

Billie would also look so cute in these light pink DENIM:
(available at SHAMPOODLE)

Oh and we also have a pair of leggings from them (snake skin style) and the fit is perfect for babies. Especially long slim babies like Billie!

Here's Billie with them when she was 7 weeks old. They still fit perfectly!

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