Thursday, April 7, 2011

New stroller

We own a BUGABOO FROG. We love it. It's light, you drive it so easily and the design is simple and modern. 

We travel twice a year at least. Most of the time we go to Sweden to visit Jonas' family. This year, we are going to Cuba and Corsica. As much as we love our stroller, we need to change it for our travelling purpose. The BUGABOO split in two pieces and in the airplane it's not the best. So, for the one looking after a new stroller, ours is for sell and it's in a perfect condition.

We decided to change it for another BUGABOO that is more compact and that fold in one piece; BUGABOO BEE.

We are really keen on getting this one and can't wait to sell the other stroller as we are leaving in 9 days for a week trip to Cuba. 

So, if you know anyone who would like a very good stroller at a much better price, please, put them in contact with me!! 

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