Friday, April 15, 2011

IKEA best finds

IKEA has its goods and its bads. We bought few things that we found very useful since Billie was born and I thought I could share our finds with you.

This soft toys makes music by pulling its tail. Billie mostly loved it her first 3 months. It's very colorful and the music is low so it's good for baby's sensitive ears. I still put her to bed with it. The music is very calming and doesn't last too long. It's a very good toy because it stimulates a baby's sight, hearing and sense of touch. 

Did you know that reaching out for toys stimulates a baby's development of hand-eye coordination? Well, this one is perfect for it. Plus, I really like its simple wood design. We just put this one to storage but, up until Billie was 8 months, she played with it every day. She used it different ways, depending of her age and development stage.

When walking by themself, a child develops motor skills and balance. Billie is not even 10 months and she almost walks. I can't say that it's because of this truck but it helped for sure. She love this toy. She could walk with it all day long if it would be so stressful and painful for ou our backs. It was my husband's idea to buy this one and oh my, he got the best idea. You should see her face when she plays with it. 

She doesn't only walk with the truck, here's what we found we could do with it that Billie also loves: 

Rocking helps develop a child's sense of balance and the brain to sort sensory impressions. This one is still just a decoration in Billie's room but every kids who has come to visit us since we bought it, went crazy for it. It also looks very nice, all in wood with its bright red color.

What's your IKEA best finds for babies?

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