Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ETSY FINDS- just hatched

I'm very picky about the toys I buy to my daughter. To be honest, it's a selfish thought more than anything... I know, it sounds bad! But I can't picture our appartment looking like a day care. I want to keep a certain look, so I try to find toys that would match our style as well. It doesnt have to be boring for Billie. The truth is i'm not a big plastic fan. Here, I said it. I love wood toys. It has this organic look that appears to my eyes. On ETSY you can find tones of beautiful handmade wood toys.

One shop that produce them is JUST HATCHED.

I'm really looking to buy this love heart puzzle. I find the color beautiful and it would be a fun & easy puzzle to make with Billie. 

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