Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Billie in Cuba

I think Billie had an amazing time in CUBA. She spent all her days with her cousins Frédérique, Emmanuelle, Lohan & Nellie, she swam and had naps with the sound of the ocean, played in the sand (and ate a bit of it as well) and when she was strong enough to stay awake, she sometimes stayed up late and enjoyed the cuban night life. 

 This is when we left Montreal, waiting for the airplane. Billie enjoyed walking around holding herself on all the seats. She can't stay still... Good thing she walked a lot before sitting for hours in the airplane.

 Airplane napper. She found her comfy spot on maman and papa's laps. She slept almost all the flight. A dream!

 We brought many kind of hats for the beach. The sun is so strong there and it's very windy. She has light hair and wanted to make sure her soft fragile skin was protected all the time.

Thank god for our BUGABOO BEE. The resort was almost the size of a city. We used it more than we ever used a stroller since we had Billie. Good thing that it's light and easy to carry everywhere. It was also Billie's bed for napping by the ocean and her chair for eating at the restaurant.

 Billie had the chance to experiment the joy of playing in the sand. She ate a little bit of it but hard to stop her when it's everyhwere on her and around her! 

This little scarf from ZARA has been SO useful and very popular at the resort. People were stopping me to ask where I bought it. It was perfect to cover her ears of the very strong wind and protect her hair of the sun. We played with it a lot, trying different ways to put it on her head. A must have for sure if you are going to the beach with your little one.

This is how Billie end up all of her nights in Cuba- EXHAUSTED. So many new smells and new things to look at.

I really enjoy travelling with her. This wasn't our first trip with her. She is so easy to carry around and she adapts to everything very fast. She sleeps everywhere in all condition which makes it easy for us.

We are soon leaving again but this time to meet Jonas' family in CORSICA. Can't wait to be on the go again with Billie and all the family!

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