Friday, April 8, 2011

Morning routine

I never liked routine. I find it hard to follow because I rather go with the flow. You can imagine it was an adaption for me when I had Billie. Babies love routine. It makes them sleep better and secure. Billie isn't different. I noticed she is in a better mood when we follow the same ritual.

Since Billie started day care, the morning routine has become crucial. First, it helps getting her used to the idea of leaving maman & papa for few hours. Second, without this routine, we would be late to day care every day (and me to work).

Everyone has its task in this routine and the minutes are counted. If one of us decide to sleep in, the whole routine is disturbed and we have to catch on for the rest of the morning. Papa is in charge of walking Billie to day care. It gives me time to get ready for work. My husband is amazingly helpful. Thank god I'm not alone in this!

This morning, while I was dressing Billie to go out, I put on her winter suit (yes it's still VERY cold here in the morning) and, it made me think that time is flying... I'm sure that there is only few days left of her wearing this winter suit. Not that i'm sad about it but I was mostly nostalgic. I remember when I bought it, I felt she would wear it forever! Winter is so long! But here we are, two steps away from warm days, and almost 2 months away from Billie's first birthday. Seriously, when you have children, the notion you have of time change. You wish you enjoy every minute of it, and you try to, but these minutes flies without you noticing! I sometimes wish I could pause and take time to appreciate and enjoy. Well, photos help us doing this. That's why, this morning, I took photos of Billie in her huge but cute purple snow suit. I paused time and I will forever remember her cute face in it and the time where it was easy to dress her up to go out! 

(Winter suit from Mini-A-Ture)

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