Friday, April 8, 2011

A shopping day with Mormorchou

We say Mormor in swedish for grand-mother on the mother's side. My mom is then Mormor for Billie. We modified it to Mormorchou. It's cuter and my mom loves it!

Mormor was with us today.We met in the morning to go shopping for some shoes and sandals for Billie. We are soon leaving for a family holiday in Cuba and Billie needed summer shoes. I'm so glad my mom came with me. It turned out to be a much harder task than I thought it would be! Billie wasnt as cooperative as I was hoping she would be, plus, no store made a nice seat for the moms to try the shoes on their babies.

Anyway, we found our ways and ended up buying more than shoes. A pair of shorts and a scarf has been added.

 (Sandals from ZARA)

(Scarf from ZARA and water sandals from GAP)

(Shoes from ZARA)

Billie already loves these last canvas shoes. She wore them at home all afternoon. It helps her walking as the sole is harder than her KABOOGIE shoes. She is getting so good at walking. She is only 9 months and she walks 7-8 steps by herself! I'm so proud! 

It was a very exhausting day for Billie. Lots of actions. My grand-father also stopped by to say hi. He always find the way to make her nap! Thanks grand-papa!

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