Friday, April 1, 2011

Can it get warmer?

I am just dreaming of walking outside in my spring jacket and not freezing... 

Billie as well, except that we haven't found THE perfect spring jacket for her!

I mostly see rain coats but it's not what i'm looking for!

Here's some that we like so far:

How fun is this faux fur vest to put over a tick wool cardigan. Billie owns tones of cute cardigans that would look very cute with it.

(available at LITTLE LUNALU)

This jacket from MAKIE is a real classic. I imagine it with her pink LIFETIME cotton scarf that I got her from my store last year.
(available at MAKIE)

This is a good casual, everyday, spring jacket. I like that it has a hood and the color is neutral so easy to match it with fun accesories.
(available at BONPOINT)

A little bit more in my budget and very nice as well, ZARA offers a wide selection of spring jackets. I think I'll buy hers they but it's very hard to decide which one to get...

Any recommandation for a good spring jacket?

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