Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our best friend Rubie

A little bit more than a year before Billie was born, Jonas and I got a dog. Yes, I know, you all think- A PRACTIVE BABY! Well, to be honest, it turned out to be one. We got Rubie, our dog, in July 2009 and found out we loved taking care of a little one and we weren't that bad at it either. 

The practice turned out so great that 2 months later we were pregnant!

Rubie is our best friend. She is so protective of Billie. When I was breast feeding, Rubie was always sitting in front of us guarding and she still do this when I put Billie to bed. She is truly a wonderful dog!

Billie started petting Rubie and trying to say her name. It's very cute to see them interact together. Rubie now brings her ball to Billie so she can play fetch with her. Billie has to learn to be more gentle in her movement with Rubie. She can be very rough sometimes. She doesn't know a dog has its limit. That's why we always have to watch them when they are together. But so far so good, Rubie is very patient and gentle. We simply love our best friend Rubie!

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