Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day Care Hunt

That's what I'm doing today. We HAVE to find a day care for our Billie. Well, she goes to day care now but it's only part time and Jonas is starting work pretty soon. 

Finding a day care here in Montreal is mission impossible. Believe me, it's terrible. We check and email day care everyday from that website: but so far, all I get is negative answers. I feel that I'm now left with the worst day care in town to choose from.

Anyway, we managed to fix four visits today. We better find one. It's a real hunt. It's also very stressful to choose a place where your daughter will spend most of her days and that you can trust. And for those who have kids, you can understand that it's hard to trust people when it comes to your baby...

I'm pretty sure I almost emailed all these one marked on this google map. One should be our Billie's heaven right?

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