Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ETSY FINDS- kaboogie

Before I even gave birth, I bought few pairs of recycled leather moccassins/shoes from KABOOGIE.

They are perfect.

First, she makes black leather shoes for babies. How hard it is to find them?

Second, she offers a wide variety from the high tops boots to the mary-jane style and all this in different kind of leathers and fabrics.

Third, they are made of recycled leather. So the leather is already soft plus you're doing your part for the environment.

They are also very resistant (Billie wears hers every day, put them in her mouth, throw them etc and they are still in perfect condition).

Here's the ones I got for Billie and that she wears every day now:

These cute moccassins are so adorable! Love them cause they fit boys or girls. She doesnt fit in these since a while but they were her first shoes!

 These black leather high boots are my personal favorites and they fit everything she wears.

 Everytime she wears these tan giraffe style skin boots she gets comments. They are very original and makes every outfits a bit more special.

The classic mary-jane in a soft leather version. She wears these often at daycare. Very girly and so cute just with a simple dress.

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  1. Awww, I love to see them fitting in well with her wardrobe, those giraffe ones are the BEST!! My favorite KaBoogies of all time! Thank you so much for supporting what I do :-)